Tips For Henna Eyebrows

When it comes to making your eyebrows beautiful well there are many ways to do it however one way would be using henna. Yes, you heard it right, henna is a type of material that has been in use for centuries and still it is being used by many households for women for many uses and one of the uses is for making the eyebrows pop out and all better looking.

The henna eyebrows is something that many women are using to make their eyebrows look beautiful. The one major factor for using henna than any other product is that henna is a natural product that can be used without any pain involved and also it can be used with no side effects.
If you wish to know about using henna eyebrows well then here we can tell you few things that we have gathered by the experts as you see using henna eyebrows is a still a new concept and very few people know about it.Before you use henna eyebrows you should know that its affects are only till a week as they can fade rather fast however you can use it again.It is recommended that you keep using the henna eyebrows every week. For better result it is advisable that when using henna use lemon. Mix it up and see for any bubbles, if there are than keep mixing until no bubbles are formed and the paste becomes thick.It is better to use a lid to cover the bowl where you have mixed the paste and then leave it for a day.

Once the paste has been left for a day, you should do few things before applying

• Remove all the makeup from your face by using alcohol wipes. Don’t forget your eyebrows do clean them up thoroughly but gently.

• Once you have cleaned up the eyebrows, wait for 5-10 minutes so that the alcohol wipes can be soaked into it.

• After you have waited for few minutes, just use petroleum jelly around eyebrows.

• Well after that you can apply the paste that you have mixed.

• Once completed you can use wraps of kitchen to cover up the eyebrows, so it is advisable that you at least wait for somewhere 25 minutes to 2-3 hours.

• After all the steps are completed just wash it off by using mildly hot water. 

Now you can see that there are few ways to apply henna eyebrows and these few tips can help you applying it. A hint for you, depending on your eyebrows colour if they are of dark colour try to lighten them up before applying henna.

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